Where Am I On The Book Challenge?

I hope you didn’t forget about this book challenge! I almost did, to be honest! But I’m here now to update my progress and check some things off the list!



A BOOK WITH A FEMALE HEROINE – Z: The Abilities Series

Synopsis: My name is Z, and if there is one thing I know, it’s that amnesia sucks. I have no memories of my life before I was found practically freezing to death in the snowy streets of Detroit, Michigan. Within a year, my foster family—the Torrezes—adopt me and my kick-ass brother, Toby. Everything seems perfect, which of course means it all has to fall apart. Once again orphans, we are now on the run for murder. On my eighteenth birthday the unthinkable happens. Pulled from this world by a familiar stranger, I find myself in another dimension, where magic is reality. Faced with my forgotten past and a terrifying future, I must accept my role as princess and save a kingdom I never knew I had. 

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