The Handmaid’s Tale: Book Review

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Genre: Dystopian fiction

Publication Date: 1985

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

Pages: 311

First Line: “We slept in what had once been the gymnasium.”

Synopsis from Goodreads: Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead. She may leave the home of the Commander and his wife once a day to walk to food markets whose signs are now pictures instead of words because women are no longer allowed to read. She must lie on her back once a month and pray that the Commander makes her pregnant, because in an age of declining births, Offred and the other Handmaids are valued only if their ovaries are viable. Offred can remember the years before, when she lived and made love with her husband, Luke; when she played with and protected her daughter; when she had a job, money of her own, and access to knowledge. But all of that is gone now…


What I Liked

Delving Into the Unknown

I think the reason I enjoyed the book so much was that I didn’t really know much about the plot before I began reading. I didn’t do much research, so the details of the plot were lost on me. So the storyline confused me at first, but once I got into the book, I couldn’t put it down!

The Possibilities of the Future

The social constructs of this futuristic world entranced me. I cannot imagine living in a world where women have lost their rights and are unable to provide anything to society other than their reproductive organs. It just makes you think about what could happen down the line for us!


What I Didn’t Like:

Delving Into the Unknown (Again!)

It was hard for me to get into the book at first because I really had no idea what was going on. To be honest, Margaret Atwood was annoying me a bit because she didn’t explain anything! (I’m sorry, Ms. Atwood, I just had to be patient and keep reading!)

The Ending

Now, I don’t want to give anything away, but the ending of the book was unsatisfactory for me. It seemed the author wanted to leave the ending up to interpretation, which is not something I enjoy in books. I’m someone who wants closure!

But don’t let that dissuade you from reading the book! It’s truly an amazing book and Margaret Atwood is a genius to be able to come up with this future for America.


You can find the book here!

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