The Sisters Chase: Book Review

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Release Date: June 27, 2017

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Pages: 304


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Synopsis from Goodreads: The hardscrabble Chase women—Mary, Hannah, and their mother Diane—have been eking out a living running a tiny seaside motel that has been in the family for generations, inviting trouble into their lives for just as long. Eighteen-year-old Mary Chase is a force of nature: passionate, beautiful, and free-spirited. Her much younger sister, Hannah, whom Mary affectionately calls “Bunny,” is imaginative, her head full of the stories of princesses and adventures that Mary tells to give her a safe emotional place in the middle of their troubled world.

But when Diane dies in a car accident, Mary discovers the motel is worth less than the back taxes they owe. With few options, Mary’s finely tuned instincts for survival kick in. As the sisters begin a cross-country journey in search of a better life, she will stop at nothing to protect Hannah. But Mary wants to protect herself, too, for the secrets she promised she would never tell—but now may be forced to reveal—hold the weight of unbearable loss.


My Thoughts

The Sisters Chase was beautifully written. The chapters alternate between the present and flashbacks to the past. The reader gathers bits of backstory and context throughout the book, therefore adding to the captivating storyline.


The Sisters Chase was beautifully written.Click To Tweet


I felt a bit on edge reading this book! It felt like Mary and Hannah would never settle down. This is mainly due to Mary’s behavior, and the situations she gets herself into. She is harboring many secrets, so she has to keep them from her 4-year-old sister. This often means moving to a new town, usually without warning!

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Mary was a hard character for me to like. She was a free spirit. She didn’t seem to care for anyone or anything, other than Hannah. Mary flaunted her good looks in order to get what she wanted. But one thing do love about Mary is that she’s willing to do anything in order to keep Hannah happy and safe. As an older sister myself, I related to that side of Mary.


One thing I love about Mary is she's willing to do anything to keep Hannah happy and safe.Click To Tweet


Overall, I really enjoyed The Sisters Chase. Healy keeps you guessing throughout the whole book. You’re always wondering whether the Chase sisters will finally have a place to call home. The ending of the book had a major impact on me. I had to sit and think about what I had just read. I promise you won’t regret picking up this book!! You can find it here!

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