The Blinds: Book Review


Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Publication Date: August 1, 2017

Publisher: Ecco

Pages: 382


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First Line: “She’s old enough, at thirty-six, to remember flashes of other places, other lives, but her son is only eight years old, which means he was born right here in the Blinds.”

Synopsis from Goodreads: Imagine a place populated by criminals-people plucked from their lives, with their memories altered, who’ve been granted new identities and a second chance. Welcome to The Blinds, a dusty town in rural Texas populated by misfits who don’t know if they’ve perpetrated a crime, or just witnessed one. What’s clear to them is that if they leave, they will end up dead.

For eight years, Sheriff Calvin Cooper has kept an uneasy peace—but after a suicide and a murder in quick succession, the town’s residents revolt. Cooper has his own secrets to protect, so when his new deputy starts digging, he needs to keep one step ahead of her—and the mysterious outsiders who threaten to tear the whole place down. The more he learns, the more the hard truth is revealed: The Blinds is no sleepy hideaway. It’s simmering with violence and deception, aching heartbreak and dark betrayals.


My Thoughts

What an interesting concept for a book. Take a bunch of people who have committed a crime, or have just witnessed one, and erase their memories of that event. Throw them into a makeshift town in the middle of nowhere, and let them live their lives. Everyone has secrets, past lives, unimaginable crimes they’ve committed, but even they don’t know the terrible deeds they’ve done.

This was a total page-turner for me! The story is told through the different perspectives of the residents of The Blinds. With each change of narrator, I thought “Okay, THIS is when they’re going to say how they got here! THIS is when they’ll reveal the things they’ve done!” But nope! Just the hope that their pasts would be revealed kept me going!

The characters in the story all have depth. The thought that went into each character’s backstory is truly amazing. You grow attached to certain people, hope that they’re “an innocent.” There are twists and turns, a murder mystery, and drama, drama, drama!!


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The Blinds is truly a book you don’t want to miss out on! You’ll go through a range of emotions – fear, hope, anger, relief – and wonder how Adam Sternbergh has created such a crazy but somehow plausible story! Here’s a recap of my review:



The Blinds is truly a book you don't want to miss out on!Click To Tweet


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