6 Ways to Get Out of a Reading Slump


I know what you’re thinking. “Sydney, I love to read! Why would I ever want to stop?” or “Sydney, there are just so many good books out there! How could I lose my motivation?”

I know, I know. I’m with you! Sometimes I feel like there’s just so many good books I want to read, and so little time to get to them!

But the thing is, sometimes I lose my motivation to keep reading. Sometimes I’d rather scroll through Facebook on my phone, watch Netflix, play video games, do household chores, exercise…

Okay, I may have lied about those last two. (Good luck getting me to exercise willingly!!)




Sometimes I start a book, realize I’m not that into it, and lack the drive to push through it. This actually even happens with books I do like and want to read! Sometimes you just get into that mood where thinking about picking up a book sounds like the worst thing on earth and you’d rather do just about anything else!

But I’m here to help you through that reading slump! I have some ideas and tips to make reading fun again! I’ll help turn you back into that bookworm who stays up until 2 a.m. just to finish the book they’re reading, the one who says “just one more chapter,” knowing that’s never the case, the one whose TBR list is miles long but you’re just so excited about all the books!

Here are some tips and tricks to get back into it!


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1. Read for 10 Minutes a Day

This is something I’ve done when I want to get back into reading. I’ve always loved books, but for a few years (especially during college) I found I didn’t have the time and didn’t want to put in the effort to read all the awesome books out there!

What I decided I’d do is tell myself at the end of the day, “Okay, you’ll just read for about 10 minutes. Then if you want, you can put the book away and go to bed.”

It’s kind of a way to trick yourself into reading! Because 9 times out of 10, I read for way longer than 10 minutes. And it’s such a short amount of time, that even on your worst days, when you’re just not feeling it, you can definitely handle just 10 minutes!!

I found this to be super helpful, and maybe you will, too! Because even if you’re not a fan of the book you’re reading, you still got some reading in for the day, and every little bit counts!


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2. Switch Up the Scenery

Maybe you always read books on your couch, in bed, on the floor, or in a cozy chair. I’d suggest trying out a different environment! Maybe switching it up will motivate you to get back into that book!

Try lying on your bed or on the floor in a different position, go to the library and find a little nook to read in, sit at your kitchen table instead of on your couch! Literally any little switch in the scenery might help you get back into reading!

This is not something I’ve personally tried, but I think it’d be something to try next time I’m losing that motivation!


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3. See What Others Are Saying


Instagram and Pinterest will be your best friends for this little trick!

If you’re losing interest in a book you’ve been trying to read, why not check out what others are saying about it! Scroll through the posts about that book or about the author to see all the awesome things people are saying about the book!

When I see posts about books on Instagram and Pinterest, I just get inspired to read. It’s a mixture of both the beautiful photos of the books and what people are saying about them!

Check out book reviews, author interviews, and just general posts about the book you’re reading! Learn why people are raving about a book, or why they didn’t like it. Either way, it might help get you back into the swing of things!


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4. Turn Those Screens Off

Let me repeat that.


I’ll admit that I get sucked into my phone way too often. It’s hard not to these days, with all the different social media apps, games, and whatever else is out there!

But listen to me, it really helps to turn them off.

I used to watch Netflix at night until I fell asleep with my laptop on the bed next to me. Besides the many reasons why that’s not good for me, it also took away from the winding down time I could be getting with a good book!

Reading before bed is my new routine, and that’s because I don’t have a TV in my room, I leave my laptop in the living room, and I put my phone on top of the nightstand. And it’s done wonders for me!

If you’re easily distracted by [insert electronic device here], this could be the trick for you! See how much reading you can get done if you put them away for an hour! The difference is amazing!


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5. Join a Book Club

Okay, this might be easier said than done.

Maybe you’re motivated best when you have a deadline. If you have to read a chapter by a certain date, you fit in that reading time whenever you can!

I can’t say that I’ve tried this one, but I think it makes sense! Joining a book club with other book nerds who love to do nothing but talk about books? How great is that???

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like to be caught unprepared! If your group starts the meeting by talking about what they liked and didn’t like about the book, you’d want to have something to say, right?

That’s why I think it’d be beneficial to you to join a book club to get out of that reading slump! You don’t want to be unprepared, and you want to participate, so of course you’ll read! Problem solved.


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6. Pick Up a New Book

Lastly, no one’s forcing you to finish that book.

If you’re having a hard time getting through a book, but you want to keep reading, just put it down. Put that book to the side – maybe you’ll get back to it, maybe you won’t – and just pick up a new book!

I’m sure you’re TBR list is 10 miles long, so you’ve got to have your next book all picked out! Sometimes all it takes is a really good book to put you back on track.

I’d especially recommend reading a short, light book that you can finish quickly. That way, you’ll feel that sense of accomplishment when you finish the book much earlier, and in turn, that should renew your love of reading!

When I finish a book, I take a moment to reflect on what I read. Then I’m excited and ready to move onto my next one! It’s like a chain reaction! Finish one book, and you’ll never want to stop reading!


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What do you do to get out of a reading slump? Have you tried any of these things? Have they worked?

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