5 Bookish Facts About Me!

Hey, all! After that quick kind of introduction post, I thought I’d share some things about myself! Don’t you want to know the author? No? Too bad, we’re going to move right ahead!

Here are 5 things about me (that are book-related, of course!):


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1. I started reading when I was 3 or 4 years old

I must have been pretty eager to get my hands on a good book! Now, I obviously can’t really remember way back then, but my mom told me I started reading around 3 years old so…. it has to be true right?

2. I began reading the Harry Potter series when I was 7

And I still remember the moment I started reading Voldemort’s description. I shut the book and ran to my parents’ room! I was so scared! Props to J.K. Rowling for creating such imagery in the Harry Potter books (I mean, obviously she’s amazing for so many reasons. That’s just one!) The Harry Potter books were a huge influence on my reading experiences. They opened up my world of reading and imagination! They were a source of comfort. When I read the books, the characters felt like family! I can’t be the only one that feels that way!

Anyone else still waiting on that Hogwarts acceptance letter?

3. I prefer physical books to e-readers

While I do own an Amazon Kindle and enjoy reading books on it, there’s nothing like the feeling of turning the page in a book you’re reading. It’s so satisfying to actually feel like you’re moving forward in the book, and seeing how much you’ve read. I could go both ways, but if I was given a choice, I’d pick a physical book!

4. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult

I have loved every book I’ve ever read by Jodi Picoult. Her style of writing and the topics she covers in her books draw me in like no other author has ever done. Each of her books is a page-turner! Every book has some kind of moral or ethical issue to solve. Her books stay with me long after I’ve finished them! Some of my favorites are Handle With Care, about a young girl with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, and Salem Falls, which tells the story of a male teacher caught in the middle of a modern-day witch hunt! Seriously, these books can’t get any better!

5. I have more books on my “to read” list than time to read them!

Does this happen to you guys? I keep finding books I want to read and then I just have no time to read them all! Goodreads has definitely not helped this problem of mine! There are so many books out there to discover and read, my “want to read” list just keeps growing!

Oh, well! Guess I’ll just have to step up my reading game! 🙂
So that’s a bit about me! I’d love to hear more about you! Leave a comment and share some of your favorite books, authors, or fun book facts!


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